The Cannondale SuperSix EVO: Lighter, Quicker and Even More Aero for $15,000!

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The Cannondale SuperSix EVO is a sight to behold, as you probably saw before coming here.

Cannondale has outdone itself with their latest bike, the SuperSix EVO. It is incredibly light, fast, and aerodynamic, and it has a threaded BSA bottom bracket and no SI wheel dishing. How can an already impressive bike like the SuperSix be made even faster? Read further to discover the answer.

Cannondale's new Supersix in fork closeup

An Overview of the Frame of the Cannondale SuperSix EVO

This article provides a look into the details of the frame of the Cannondale SuperSix EVO.

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO frame is exceptionally lightweight for an aero-focused design. According to Cannondale, the 56cm frame weighs an impressive 770 grams once it is painted and built. Not only that, but it also excelled in Cannondale’s benchmark stiffness and fatigue tests.

The new SuperSix frame

Carbon Levels of Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale has given an upgrade to its carbon offerings. The exclusive LAB71 dream machines are the only recipients of the new Series 0 carbon construction. It features a distinct carbon fiber and nano-resin layup which, according to Cannondale, offers top-notch strength and rigidity, thereby allowing the engineers to work with less material.

Cannondale’s new flagship product, LAB71, is ready for you to play with. A video by Cannondale

What Are the Options for Mortals Who Don’t Have the Money to Spend on a $15K SuperSix EVO LAB71?

Cannondale EVO carbon is utilized as the base level material for the SuperSix EVO. The majority of the construction consists of intermediate modulus fibers, with additional higher modulus fibers selected for areas of the frame requiring increased stiffness. This results in a weight of approximately 915 g for the frameset.

Cannondale SuperSix frame from below

The pinnacle of Cannondale’s SuperSix EVO is its Hi-MOD edition, which is shaped from a high-modulus carbon fiber. Utilizing fewer layers of high modulus fibers instead of multiple layers of intermediate modulus fibers yields a lighter frame weight of approximately 815 g, a difference of more than 100 g from the base carbon frames.

Cannondale SuperSix from in front, emphasizing the all new MOMO cockpit

The mission of the new SuperSix EVO was not solely centered on making the frame lighter, but also increasing its efficiency. To reduce aerodynamic drag, Cannondale looked to the tube shapes, which they have now modified to be “precisely engineered.” This fully systemized design has resulted in a saving of 12 W at 45 km/h in comparison to the prior generation.

Cannondale SuperSix closeup from the side

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO is among the lightest aero bikes out there, while still offering an integrated aerodynamic design that combines the frame, fork, handlebars, wheels, and seatpost. Cannondale’s new System Bar cockpit and HollowGram wheels make the bike more nimble, allowing it to handle with greater finesse.

Cannondale SuperSix close-up on internal cabling channels

Design of MOMO for the Management of the Supernatural

The SuperSix EVO from Cannondale features a neutral racing geometry and has the capacity to accommodate 30mm tires with a considerable 6 mm of free space on either side. This improvement in capability surpasses any other road bike previously made by Cannondale.

The all-new MOMO cockpit

Cannondale collaborated with MOMO Design – a renowned team in the high-performance automotive industry – to create the cockpit of the EVO. The engineering team was guided by the mantra of “aerodynamics, comfort, and control” to come up with an exquisite bar/stem combination with an innovative steerer tube design. The Delta steerer tube was designed to integrate the bike’s cables from the cockpit into the frameset with minimal drag, whilst reducing the size of the headtube’s frontal area.

Closeup of the new R-SL 50 wheelset

The Latest HollowGram Wheels Are Here

The next item in Cannondale’s lineup is the HollowGram R-SL 50 wheelset, which they call “one of the fastest all-around competition-grade wheelsets in the world”. Constructed in tandem with the new SuperSix EVO, the 50mm deep, low-drag rim is complemented by bladed spokes and the reliable DT-Swiss 240 EXP rear hub internals. This all-in-one design eliminates the need for SI and is equipped with the highest quality DT-Swiss internals.

The new R-SL 50 wheelset fitted on the LAB71 SuperSix

Beginning with the LAB71 and Hi-MOD cycles, the top-of-the-line rim/hub combo is the R-SL. Then on the EVO 1, the R-S is featured and a more basic R on the EVO’s base model. The rim’s shape is consistent across the line, varying only in weight and carbon layup between the S and R models.

Don’t Neglect Hydration

It is essential to not overlook the importance of staying hydrated. Making sure to drink plenty of water is key to maintaining health and wellbeing.

The SuperSix EVO has been designed with aerodynamic “Bottle Integration” in mind. The ReGrip Aero cages and Gripper Aero bottles do not only store liquids, but also make the bike quicker. By creating a sleeker shape, these features can boost the bike’s aerodynamic efficiency while still being able to contain traditional, round bottles from the feed zone. However, it’s important to remember to clean these components regularly.

Threaded bottom bracket is returning to the all-new Cannondale SuperSix

Guess who’s back: Threaded Bottom Bracket Technology

Cannondale’s SuperSix EVO frame has been designed with a threaded BSA bottom bracket, providing a dependable and straightforward connection for the crankset.

Cannondale SmartSense setup

Preparing for Intelligence Expansion

If you’re into the Cannondale SmartSense setup, then the modern SuperSix EVO is totally compatible. You can equip your bike with on-board illumination, a radar system which faces the back, and one power source to control it all.

The all-new SuperSix in a showroom with rear lights mounted

Sizing & Geometry

Sizing table for the all-new Cannondale SuperSix 2023

Different sizes of the fresh Cannondale SuperSix Evo are offered, including 44, 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, and 61cm.

The Models:

Cannondale LAB71 SuperSix EVO

Cannondale LAB71 SuperSix EVO

The Cannondale LAB71 SuperSix EVO is a top-tier option, providing riders with everything they need to make them faster. This includes a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9270 12-speed kit and ceramic bottom bracket. The bike is exclusively presented in the LAB71 colorway. For those interested, the LAB71 SuperSix EVO is priced at $15,000, with the frameset being offered for $6,000.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 1 is outfitted with a SRAM Red AXS groupset and all the components from the LAB71 astray the ceramic bottom bracket. Clad in two different colors, Mercury with Raw Carbon, Brushed Chrome, and Smoke Black, or Tinted Red with Jet Black, Brushed Chrome, and Candy Red, the EVO Hi-MOD 1 will cost you $13,000 while the EVO Hi-MOD frameset will set you back $4,500.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 2

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 2

Cannondale’s SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD 2 features Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 R8150, and the same seatpost and handlebars as the EVO Hi-MOD. This high-end model comes in two color choices; Jet Black with Smoke Black and Smoke Brushed Chrome, or Sonic Blue with Jet Black, Smoke Brushed Chrome, and Rally Red. The cost of this bike is $8,300.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon 1

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon 1 sports SRAM Force AXS components and HollowGram 50 R-S wheels, which are a bit heavier than the Hi-MOD and LAB71. It’s available in a Mystique Gray (Tint) with Midnight Blue and Brushed Chrome color scheme and comes with a price tag of $6,500.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon 2

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Carbon 2

Cannondale has released the SuperSix EVO Carbon 2, which comes fitted with Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 R8150, and HollowGram 45 R Carbon wheels – the basic model of the HollowGram 50 carbon wheelset. Customers can choose from four distinct colorways, including Deep Teal with Orchid, Goldfinger, Turquoise, or Raw Carbon with Disco Black and Fine Silver. The cost of the EVO Carbon 2 is $5,500.

Availablity of the Cannondale SuperSix EVO

At your local dealer or online, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO can be found in multiple varieties. For more details and specs, visit

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