Top 7 Aero Biking Helmets

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If you’re looking for a quality helmet for aerobiking, you have many options. Abus Gamechanger helmets come in a variety of colors, including steel blue, chameleon purple, red, and grey. They also have rear storage for sunglasses. But they can get quite hot in hot weather, so if you’re looking for a helmet that keeps your head cool on a long ride, go for a different brand.

Giro Vanquishgiro-vanquish-mips-aero-helmet

The Giro Vanquish aero bike helmet combines a progressive layering EPS liner with MIPS technology for enhanced performance and aerodynamics. It is the pinnacle of high-performance road cycling helmets. It also boasts TransformAir, which actively streamlines airflow to reduce drag. In addition, it features a RocLoc Air system that seamlessly integrates with MIPS Technology.

The Giro Vanquish features a no-compromise fit system that encompasses the head for a perfect fit. The helmet has three adjustable heights and a twisting dial for customizing the fit. The Vanquish is also equipped with a brain protection system called MIPS, which absorbs rotational forces and prevents head injuries.

The Giro Vanquish is also equipped with a Wind Tunnel ventilation system, which allows air to flow across the top of the helmet without increasing aerodynamic drag. A progressive layering of multi-density foam saves weight and helps absorb a variety of impact energies. Another great feature of the Giro Vanquish is its RocLoc Air system, which integrates with MIPS Technology to provide a complete protection system for cyclists.

The Vanquish also has a removable visor. The visor can be removed and replaced without removing the helmet. Its visor has a Vivid lens, which prevents fogging and sweat buildup on the face. It also fits a wide range of sunglasses. Moreover, the peak of the helmet is far enough above the glasses to prevent obstructing the vision. The helmet also features two ventilation holes, which double as sunglasses ports.

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Giro EclipseGiro-Eclipse-Spherical-Aero

The Giro Eclipse Aero Biking Helmet is one of the newest models from the California-based brand. This helmet uses Spherical Technology to improve protection and reduce rotational forces, while improving comfort and airflow. Its design also features a Roc Loc 5 Air fit system and Ionic+ antimicrobial padding.

The Giro Eclipse Aero Biking Helmet is claimed to be one of the fastest aero road bike helmets on the market. It weighs only 267 grams in a medium size, and has 17 vents throughout. These vents provide adequate ventilation, and the streamlined outer shell also helps reduce drag.

Its dual-layered construction is another highlight. The spherical shape of the Eclipse incorporates the company’s MIPS Spherical technology. This technology enables the helmet to be more aerodynamic than conventional helmets. It can save about one minute at 40 km/h, which makes it a good choice for cyclists who want to maximize their performance.

Another feature of the Giro Eclipse Aero Biking Helmet is its breathable design. The helmet’s ‘cap’ design means that perspiration is directed away from the forehead to reduce the effects of heat on the face. This feature also helps reduce the risk of perspiration falling into sunglasses.

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Giro Aerohead MIPSgiro_aerohead_helmet

Aerohead ™ MIPS® Helmet for triathletes who require a balance between aerodynamics and cooling power. It has an aerodynamically efficient profile, constructed with a lightweight polycarbonate shell.
– In-Mold construction with a hard shell of Polycarbonate
– Protective construction of EPS
– 4 Wind Tunnel™ Vents – ventilation with internal channels
– Protective lens from Carl Zeiss Optics
– The lens is attached with magnetic fasteners

Roc Loc® 5 Air Mips
Revolutionary fit system that improves cooling, fit and stability. The Roc Loc® 5+ Air Mips use a patented design that lifts the helmet slightly allowing airflow to pass directly over the head. It increases ventilation and the inner channel ventilates the warm air from the helmet. In the same way as the Roc Loc® 5, tension and inclination can be adjusted in seconds with a one-handed grip.

MIPS® Multi-directional Impact Protection System
The helmet has integrated MIPS – Multi-directional Impact Protection System – which protects the brain against the rotation that occurs in a crash. The rotational violence against the brain can cause the most serious brain injuries. With MIPS, the outer and inner parts can slide relative to each other, reducing rotation and preventing injuries to the head and brain. Tests and studies show that MIPS significantly reduces force and reduces the risk of a serious brain injury.

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BELL Stratus Mipsbell_stratus_mips

The Bell Stratus MIPS aero biking helmet is an excellent choice for anyone looking to increase their speed and protect themselves from head impacts. It features a multi-directional impact protection system, or MIPS, which helps minimize rotational forces in the event of a crash. It also has 31 vents for ventilation. The Bell Stratus MIPS has a refined shape that makes it comfortable on long rides, even those that involve a lot of climbing.

Another benefit is that the Bell Stratus fits extremely well and is extremely lightweight. It features an integrated Float Fit retention system with an oversized dial, making it easy to adjust while you’re riding. In addition, it is spacious enough to fit your head comfortably in the winter months. It also looks good and performs well, making it a great option for any biker.

The Bell Stratus MIPS aero biking helmet is one of the cheapest options on the market. While it isn’t the most expensive helmet, it’s still a top-notch model that’s incredibly comfortable and has excellent fit. It’s also available in a variety of colours. It’s Bell’s latest second-rung helmet, and shares a lot of the same features as the Zephyr. Both models are lightweight, and they both incorporate MIPS technology.

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Kask Aero Bike Helmet Utopia


The Kask Utopia road helmet is one of the most technologically advanced helmets available on the market. It has been designed with a number of features that make it incredibly comfortable and lightweight. If you’re a serious road cyclist, this helmet is an essential purchase. Its aerodynamic design reduces drag no matter what position you’re riding in.

The Utopia helmet is built with an In-Molding process that fuses an inner layer of polystyrene foam to the outer polycarbonate shell. Although this process doesn’t require a force measurement machine, it does provide added strength and resiliency. The Utopia also features an inner frame that helps to keep the helmet in place when you’re riding.

The KASK Utopia is Suitable for road racing and triathlon, Utopia can be used year-round in all climates, due to its refined design to keep the rider cool, especially when riding at high speed.

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Smith Optics Tracesmith-trace-mips

The Smith Optics Trace aero bike helmet features an innovative design that promotes air flow. Its 18 strategically placed vents increase ventilation. Additionally, its Koroyd protection technology is designed to reduce weight while maximizing protection. Its thermowelded panels work together to compress on impact, helping you to stay cool.

The Smith Trace is a lightweight, aerodynamic road helmet with MIPS, patented Koroyd ventilation technology, and a VaporFit ventilation system. It weighs 280g and features ample Koroyd protective lining. It has better ventilation than the Smith Overtake, with large front vents and angled Koroyd vents.

This aero bike helmet is made of lightweight, durable materials. Its ventilation system is excellent, and it’s lightweight enough to be used all day long. It also comes with a removable face shield and a visor. The shields easily slide into the helmet’s slots, which makes them convenient to store.

The Trace comes in several styles. The streamlined shell is made of plastic and offers a polished look. It is available in a variety of bright colors, which make it highly visible when riding in low-light conditions. The helmet also comes with a reflective strip around the front for better visibility.

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Smith Optics Jetstream TTsmith-jetstream-tt

The Smith Optics Jetstream TT aero biking helmet is designed with your eyes in mind. The helmet features a shallow profile and an elongated rear. It comes with 10 strategically placed vents and is available in two colors: black and white. It has removable vent covers. It also comes with a visor for increased coverage of your face.

The visor on this model is removable. It has magnets for easy adjustment. The exterior shell is sleek, lightweight, and fully finished. The internal shell is made of a thin polycarbonate shell with EPS foam lining. Its MIPS liner helps reduce impact in the event of a crash. It is available with a category two lens with a 25 percent VLT.

The Smith Optics Jetstream TT aero helmet is a stylish and performance-oriented option for serious cyclists. Its integrated MIPS system and shock-absorbing KOROYD material make it a great choice for riders who want to look great while riding. The helmet also offers proven impact protection.

The Smith Ignite aerodynamic helmet features an energy-absorbing Koroyd shell with a MIPS liner system. The helmet has an integrated eyewear storage compartment that allows for easy access to sunglasses. It’s easy to adjust the fit of this helmet with a 270-degree dial.

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