Review: Zwift Hub One: New virtual shifting with Cog + Click

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Zwift, a global brand majoring in virtual training tools, has unveiled its latest innovation – the Zwift Hub One. This product has been causing waves in the indoor cycling world, bringing in a unique twist to indoor training with its virtual shifting and single-speed configuration. Our detailed review will take you through every aspect of the Zwift Hub One, from its design and build through to its performance and value for money.

Introduction to Zwift Hub One

The Zwift Hub One is an innovative direct drive smart trainer that takes indoor cycling to the next level. It’s essentially an upgraded version of the Zwift Hub, featuring an advanced virtual shifting mechanism and a single-speed gear setup.

Incorporating a single rear cog that works with the range of drivetrains on your bike, the Zwift Hub One effectively emulates shifts, resembling the functionality of smart bikes. With this trainer, you can revolutionize your indoor cycling experience by switching gears virtually.

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zwift hub one from the side

Specification Breakdown

The Zwift Hub One can simulate a gradient of up to 16%, produce a maximum resistance of 1800W, and has a claimed power accuracy of +/-2.5%. It supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.

The trainer is equipped with a 4.7 kg flywheel, contributing to a decent road-like feel. It’s designed to work with 8 to 12-speed chains, making it versatile enough to accommodate different bike types.

zwift hub unboxing

Unboxing and Setup

The Zwift Hub One comes in well-organized packaging, with all components neatly arranged. Inside the box, you will find:

  1. The main trainer with the Zwift Cog pre-installed
  2. Two sturdy legs
  3. Bolts for assembly
  4. A thru axle and a quick-release skewer adapter set
  5. A quick-release skewer
  6. A wrench for assembly
  7. A box containing the Zwift Click
  8. A comprehensive user manual

The assembly process is straightforward, thanks to the color-coded legs and the detailed user manual. Once the legs are attached, you can use the included skewer or thru axle adapter to fit your bike to the trainer.

The Basics of Zwift Hub One

The Zwift Hub One, being a direct drive trainer, requires you to remove your bike’s rear wheel and mount it on the trainer. Ideally, you should shift your bike to a gear that puts the rear derailleur in the right position, resulting in a quieter chainline.

The trainer features a status light that indicates whether it’s working correctly. This light comes in handy, especially when troubleshooting connection or performance issues.

zwift hub one click shifter

Virtual Shifting with Zwift Click

The virtual shifting mechanism is the highlight of the Zwift Hub One. It’s controlled using the included Zwift Click, a simple button set that you can attach to your handlebars. The Click controller has a “+” button for shifting up and a “-” button for shifting down.

The Zwift Click pairs directly with the Zwift app, enabling you to change virtual gears effortlessly while cycling. The Zwift app displays your current gear along with your power, heart rate, and cadence readings.

The virtual shifting system offers 24 sequential gears with a range of over 700%. This means that you can get a similar gear range whether you’re riding a road bike or a mountain bike with a small front chainring.

Zwift Hub One Performance

The Zwift Hub One excels in delivering a realistic ride feel. When you start pedaling, the app detects your bike’s gear ratio and adjusts the virtual gears accordingly. The virtual shifting mechanism responds instantly to the clicks, making the gear changes feel smooth and natural.

In ERG mode, the Zwift Hub One is capable of holding a steady rhythm, responding quickly but not too quickly to interval changes. The power reporting of this trainer is commendable, with the readings being consistent and within the stated accuracy range.

riding the zwift hub one

The Zwift Hub One Riding Experience

Setting up a bike on the Zwift Hub One is a breeze. Once your bike is mounted and the Click is attached to your handlebars, all you need to do is pair everything up with the Zwift app, and you’re good to go. The trainer offers a good range of gears, providing enough options for steep climbs and descents.

The virtual shifting experience on the Hub One is quite impressive. However, it may not exactly match the feel of real gears, especially if you’re used to riding a high-end road bike. The “oumph” is not quite there.

Zwift Hub One: Should You Buy It?

The Zwift Hub One stands out for its innovative features and affordable price point, making it a solid choice for indoor cycling enthusiasts. Its virtual shifting and single-speed setup provide a unique and simplified indoor cycling experience.

However, the Hub One’s performance is, to some extent, tied to the Zwift app. This means that if you want to use other training apps, you might face limitations, especially when it comes to shifting gears. But if you’re primarily a Zwift user and are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable smart trainer, the Zwift Hub One is definitely worth considering.

I have the regular Zwift Hub, Do i need to buy the Zwift Hub One to get the new featues?

Here is where Zwift really showed their loyalty to us old-timers. You can in fact buy the new Cog + Click set for an acceptable US $59.99. But be quick as the MSRP is a still acceptable but more uneasy US $79.99. You can find the new upgrade kit here:

zwift hub one from the top


The Zwift Hub One is an innovative smart trainer that offers a unique indoor cycling experience. Its virtual shifting mechanism and single-speed setup worked wonders and was user-friendly. Despite some limitations when used with other training apps, the Zwift Hub One is a solid choice for you whom is searching for an affordable and advanced smart trainer.

If you’re in the market for a smart trainer that offers a unique twist to indoor cycling, the Zwift Hub One is definitely worth a look. Its virtual shifting and single-speed gear setup make it an appealing option for both beginners and seasoned indoor cyclists.

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